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KAT WILLIAMS In Concert Fri Nov 23rd 2018 at 8pm

💖💖💖    KAT WILLIAMS   💖💖💖

 Making the World a better place;
              song at a time.

Some people exude Love.
It's present in every smile, 
in every word, 
in every breath.
It seeps from every pore of their body.

Some people have the innate ability
to lift others up,
to lighten their loads, 
to brighten their darkness.

is one such person
and it gives 
White Horse Black Mountain
great pleasure to bring her back
to our stage 
to share her LOVE and her Talent.

This will be a special concert event,
in part because of Kat's immense talent,
but also because Kat is facing her
own hurdles and awaiting a kidney transplant.

This evening's concert will help
raise funds to pay for the transplant and subsequent medical costs.

We encourage you to give generously
above and beyond the price of the ticket.

$18 in advance
$20 at the door


Emmy nominated chanteuse and finalist on America’s Got Talent, local celebrity Kat Williams is taking on her next challenge. After being diagnosed with Stage 5 kidney failure 4 years ago, a miracle is now taking place. A member of our community has come forward knowing her plight and donated a kidney. 

The last of 31 foster children, Kat was adopted when only 5 days old by a Mother who believed miracles can happen. Kat’s first dream was to be an astronaut where reaching the stars had no limits. At age 17 after her Mom died, Kat was homeless yet able to rise up from being in the foster care system to attend college with the support of her teachers. They gave her the hope that one day, she too could have her own family and build a life. “I was open to be hurt and feel the pain, it was a beautiful experience teaching me to feel and that’s OK,” Williams said.

After much trial and tribulation including working in a correctional facility for 15 years to a meter maid, Kat built her audience while giving out parking tickets while pursuing her dream of becoming a singer and traveling the world.

Moving to Asheville in 1997 took the ultimate strength and self-reflection for Kat while becoming the most sought after singer in the region. She bares her heart and soul with each show inviting audiences in for a glimpse of this truly phenomenal resilient woman. Recognition of her talent and style got her booked all over the world including an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Kat opened acts for Chaka Kahn among others and Robin Williams personally invited her to sing at an event he was hosting.

Kat fills the void left by today’s artists bringing us back to the roots of Jazz, Blues, Soul, Motown, and Pop with an animated style, a spirited sense of humor and that memorable laugh. Once she takes the mic, a time capsule opens bringing us back and forth to an era of greats Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Mavis Staples & Etta James including songs from today's artists in her repertoire. Kat's musical philosophy "I have no competition, I can only give you the best of me" is her description of a life well lived against all odds. 

Kat has worked tirelessly making a difference in the lives of many in our community especially sharing her experience with children of similar backgrounds. “I kind of bring a realistic approach to the table through entertainment and my well is their well now. Whatever I can do to help, I am here to help and serve, that's it,” Williams said. 

The transplant is being scheduled for December. Now it is our turn to make a difference in her life by giving back to others as they have given to us. Kat’s final solo show is scheduled for November 23rd at the White Horse Tavern in Black Mountain at 7 pm. 

Any donations can be sent to: 
Kat Williams 
c/o Unity of Blue Ridge, 
2041 Old Fanning Bridge Road, 
Mills, River, NC 28759 

where she performs Sunday services making the World a better place;
 one song at a time.
For Additional Info Contact: