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ROBERTA BAUM: Jazz Angel Appearing Fri Dec 28th 2018 at 8pm



$12 in advance 
$15 at the door

About Roberta Baum

There is indeed something mesmerizingly shamanic about the evocative intensity that jazz vocalist Roberta Baum brings to the stage. She uses her voice like an instrument, taking the music to unexpected places as she explores its nuances and emotional depths. Born in Brooklyn NY, Roberta Baum came to Western North Carolina in 2007 drawn to the beauty of our mountains and the creative energy here. She credits her parents, both European immigrants, for exposing her to a rich variety of music at an early age, planting the seeds for a career in music that was to become her life.

Roberta Baum’s fearless and inventive vocal style flourished under the mentoring of jazz legend Ornette Coleman, who also nurtured her compositional skills. She has recorded six CDs of original music. Her return to jazz has been enthusiastically received as she employs her formidable compositional, interpretive and improvisational powers to serve the music she loves.

Sounding like the illegitimate daughter of Fanny Brice and Miles Davis, Roberta Baum is one of the most fascinating vocal stylists to emerge in many years, with an exceptional feeling for rhythm and textures and a commanding sense of swing. “  MUSICIAN MAGAZINE

“ We are treated to some extraordinary vocal work by vocalist Roberta Baum; her tonal qualities along the her ability to sing microtones can send chills up your spine.  “ CMJ NEW MUSIC REPORT

“ Roberta Baum promises to bring today’s listeners a refreshing new look at the future of pop music. Endlessly suggestive and inventive, sensual and energetic, Roberta Baum breathes with a musical verve that evokes a fiery lust for freedom we may have forgotten we have. “ HARTFORD PRESS

I've never played with anyone quite like her. Those who have heard her know that she has a way of bewitching audiences with unusual phrasing, repertoire choices, guttural effects, and syllables, calling to mind ancient languages. Her close relationship with and affinity for Ornett Coleman is apparent in virtually everything she sings. The reason I like playing with her is that behind the free spirit lies a wealth of serious intent: she has spent some serious time with the work vocal greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, and Betty Carter, among others. “ Dr. Bill Bares  UNCA