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YULEFEST Sat Dec 15th 2018 at 8pm


$18 in advance
$20 at the door


About Tonight's Performers


The members of Émigré came together two years ago in Johnson City, Tennessee, to combine their diverse musical talents and experiences with their love for the traditional music of Ireland and Scotland. The band performs a variety of music tracing the diaspora of the Irish and Scots across the ocean to North America. Their repertoire includes ballads and fiddle tunes from Great Britain and Ireland, songs from the French-speaking regions of Canada, and melodies familiar in Appalachia and the North Atlantic alike. The name “Émigré” comes from the dispersal of people, ideas, and music that resulted from centuries of emigration from Ireland and Scotland and the unique music that has resulted as these were combined with others from a world away. The sound of Émigré is characterized by the rich vocal melodies sung in Scots-Gaelic, French, and English, dynamic fiddle playing, and driving guitar accompaniment.


“Having been a singer of traditional Appalachian ballads for over 50 years, it’s hard for this old warhorse to get chills when I hear someone sing. But, Saro Lynch-Thomason is the exception.
Saro sings with an intensity and intonation that belies her age. There’s something ancient that lives inside Saro’s voice. She sings with heart and soul and people listen. I consider her the singer among singers of her generation.”
–Sheila Kay Adams, NEA National Heritage Fellow, 7th generation ballad singer

Saro is a ballad singer, folklorist, documentarian, illustrator, author and activist from Asheville, NC. Her passion for traditional music, people’s struggles and Appalachian traditions has called her to perform, teach and produce media that tell the stories and songs of America’s social history. Her distinct, powerful singing style transports audiences to Appalachian mountain hollers, 19th-century coal camps and old meeting houses. Combining music, narratives and multimedia, Saro delivers memorable and moving performances that bring people’s history, song and culture to life!

Multi-talented LAURIE FISHER has been a full-time fiddler for the last 20 years, after graduating from Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, NC. Her lively rhythmic bowing is a delight to hear and dance to. 

 She enjoys many styles of fiddling, including Irish, Scottish, French Canadian, and the large pastiche of American fiddle music. Laurie plays many other instruments, including tinwhistle, piano, and bass guitar, and is also a popular contra dance caller as well.

The Asheville Wassailers have been boisterously singing songs in exchange for cider since 2012. The Wassailers are an annual chorus that gathers in December to bring forth songs from Olde Christmas: Drawing from traditions as far afield as Cornwall, England and the Orkney Islands, and as close to home as the shape-note song traditions of the South. Like the carolers of an older time, the Wassailers visit homes and street corners to sing in exchange for good drink, good food, and good fun!