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"If you want to hear how modern Americana mountain music should sound, here it is.” ~Martin Anderson, WNCW-FM, Spindale, NC

Tim Marsh and David Zoll are highly visible on the local music scene, Marsh with Chalwa, The Asheville Horns, and Wiseapple (reggae, New Orleans funk and bluegrass, respectively) and Zoll with his own rock band and Bayou Diesel. They first played together in an electric band that performed Marsh’s original songs, but the realization that they shared an appreciation for acoustic roots music and vocal harmonies led to the formation of The Everydays in 2012. The duo’s sound has been described as “Americana with an indie edge”, driven by the strong guitar skills of both members and seamless two-part harmonies, simultaneously classic and fresh. The new recording project will join the band’s first self-titled CD, a collection of ten original songs from the pens of both artists.
ANYA HINKLE "Born in Blacksburg, VA, I grew up playing fiddle and guitar and singing in church choir. In college, I became interested in fingerstyle blues guitar and singing in addition to bluegrass. Later I began studying fiddle and harmony singing in the trenches of bluegrass festivals, jams and late night parties in northern California. In 2005 I began exploring old time duet singing with Jackson Cunningham (White Top Mountain Band, Cunningham Handmade Guitars) in and around the Floyd Country Store jam after moving back to Virginia. We recorded a cd for the Crooked Road: Virginia Heritage series called Old Time Duets. In 2006 I moved to Asheville, NC where I met Stig and Aaron and the other members of the bluegrass band Dehlia Low. We recorded three independently-released albums together between 2007 and 2010; our fourth album, "Ravens and Crows," was released on Rebel Records in 2011. Currently I am performing with Tellico as well as solo performances (schedule and info here) and raising my little girl Sachi, age 5." (Anya plays Kinnairdguitars and Reedy fiddles)."