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$15 in advance
$18 at the door

Vintage Songs and Stories
Grab up your tickets before they are gone! 

A measure of the popularity of the duo and the venue,
two shows have already sold out, but this, their third show,
has been added to satisfy demand.

The Spoon Lady, aka Abby Roach, and her longtime musical collaborator Chris Rodrigues are busker royalty on the streets of Asheville, but Abby and Chris will be bringing their infectious vintage Americana indoors during the winter chill at the White Horse Black Mountain. 

Join us for a special evening of unique entertainment. 

Some folks hear a player of the spoons and think it's just a novelty .....make no mistake: Abby The Spoon Lady is a talented musician in every sense of the word. She knows exactly what she's doing and what it means to be a professional musician. She works hard at her chosen profession and the years of hard work are paying off. She's garnered recognition from some pretty heavy hitters in the music world and her videos on YouTube are certainly in the "Viral" category.
In addition to playing the spoons, Abby is a skilled storyteller and tonight's performance will include Abby's stories of her life, of busking, of riding freight trains, and more.

Abby the Spoon Lady is one of very few professional spoon players in the United States, and has been a professional street performer for over a decade. Abby studied American folk percussion, music, and folklore while traveling the United States by foot and rail. Now an internationally known street performer, she plays with some of Asheville’s finest local and visiting performers at festivals, within venues, and right on the sidewalk. Along with finding her within various horror and short films, you can watch interviews with Abby in such documentaries as Nashville 2012, and also Buskin’ Blues, about the world-class street performing scene in Asheville, NC. She has served as President of the Asheville Buskers Collective.

Abby was recently featured in The Washington Post. CLICK HERE to read this fascinating article about how a street busker rose to international fame via viral videos on YouTube.

Chris Rodrigues is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and busker from Asheville North Carolina. He has played across the country in several bands throughout his early teens until the age of 23, when he started busking. Chris is a traveling musician playing indoor venues, festivals, churches and busking in the street. He plays the resophonic guitar, blows the harmonica, stomps on a suitcase with his right foot, taps on a license plate with his left foot and sings his takes on traditional songs as well as his own written material which can be heard on several prime time television shows. He hopes to take traditional songs of american heritage and play them in his own new way in hopes of keeping alive these songs that have been played for years.



The performance is expected to sell out in advance so get your tickets early.