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Volunteer Opportunities


is pleased to announce the formation of


A group friends and supporters who volunteer their efforts to keep
White Horse alive and thriving as we begin our 2nd decade.  

Please join us as we share our skills and talents at White Horse, where everyone fits in!

Wish list:

Carpentry projects:  We will be building a new fence in the spring, plus building a new wall behind our bar this winter. We need old barn wood! We will come take it down off of your barn for you!
Contact Bill: or Kenny:

Marketing:  We need a little more help maintaining our website, newsletter, calendar & social media.
Contact Virginia:

Compressor for the walk in cooler:  If you have any leads on a good price for one, or would like to
contribute to buy a new one. Price is around 1700.00.
Contact Bob:

Printer:  We need a printer who can print posters for the Open Mics on Tuesday nights, and the Singer Song writer competitions, which will begin in January. Please contact Holly if you might like to contribute printing, poster hanging, or has contacts for printing to be donated or discounted.
Contact Holly:

Furniture, etc:  In preparation for promoting White Horse as an event and wedding venue, we're looking for gently used furniture and decorative accents (see list of examples below).
Please send photos of what you have before you bring it by.  We can also pick it up.
Contact Tracey: / 828-215-4716 

Furniture Items:
Chairs, side tables, wall mirrors, a full length mirror, two bureaus or long side tables, lots of cafe lights or Christmas lights,
Assistance with hanging the lights (we have ladders and need help holding the ladders!)
We are in search of old instruments to hang as decorative items.  Instruments that don’t work would be perfect for this purpose.  Small to medium sized instruments are preferred (violins, trumpets, kalimbas, ukuleles, etc). Bring them by to White Horse!

White Horse would not have made it this far without "a little help from our friends" and to keep White Horse going and growing we're going to involve even more people in sustaining and expanding this wonderful asset to our community.
We are delighted to announce that we have a small group of committed folks who have been making some big changes! We have fixed several things like the roof leaking, automatic door opening (which didn’t open), getting rid of furniture to make way for new, an expanded (soon to come) wine and beer selection, etc. 
We have volunteer opportunities for you!

It takes a village, and we are so grateful for all of the talents and generosity and community that makes White Horse viable for another 10 years. 
Many other projects and needs are in the works so stay tuned!
Many Sincere Thank You's!
Bob Hinkle & Don Talley