SINGER SONGWRITER CIRCLE, June 22, 8pm, $12 in advance, $15 at the door, students $6

On June 22, White Horse Black Mountain presents one of our occasional singer/songwriter circles.  We're calling this one "June Tunes with Berries".

Several performers share the stage simultaneously, passing the "song stick" and alternately presenting songs of their (or someone else's) composing. It's about songs, and it's also about superior performances. While one is singing, the others will frequently contribute additional instrumental and/or vocal accompaniment.

This circle includes:

Ash Devine
Ash recently produced and performed in our "Women of Old Time Music" show and the crowd loved her.  She's an award-winning songwriter, folk-americana-country musician, and multi-talented humanitarian performance artist, and teacher based in Asheville, North Carolina, originally from the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA. Ash Devine is an accomplished songwriter, instrumentalist on finger-style and Carter Scratch guitar and innovative original Ukulele playing. In 2015, Ash Devine starred as Maybelle Carter and musically co-directed the production of "Esley: The Life and Music of Leslie Riddle" at the Parkway Playhouse. Recently seen on stage with NEA award-winning Appalachian folk artist Sheila Kay Adams, Devine performs an eclectic repertoire of both traditional and original tunes.

Find out more about her at

“Ash Devine did a great job of recreating that driving Carter Family sound”
- David Holt, Grammy Nominee, Folklorist, Traditional Musician
“Her voice whispers like an old timey backwoods wind”
- Beth Simpson, Producer

Mark Fuller
Having done these circles before, Mark is a vet.  He sounds like a cross between Roger Miller and Jimmy Rogers with an easygoing stage presence; he contributes generously to the humor of the evening.  He and Bob Hinkle perform a couple of the same songs so they generally flip a coin to see who gets to do "One Meatball".  Mark is "for real".  He's a most refreshing performer: no pretense, nothing over the top.  Just music from the heart, extremely well sung and played.

Bob Hinkle
You know Bob as the heart and soul of White Horse Black Mountain. Bob is an Asheville native and co-owner of White Horse Black Mountain. He spent over 40 years in New York at the center of popular American music.

Beneath his humble demeanor and casual approach is a lifetime of experiences and relationships with many of America’s finest musicians, record labels, and companies of the past half-century. Bob has worn many hats in his career: singer, songwriter, poet, recording artist, composer/lyricist, corporate executive, consultant, music writer, artist manager, executive producer, record label founder and president. These roles brought Bob Hinkle in contact with a virtual who's who of the music industry as he moved from concert stage to recording studio to corporate office and negotiated recording and publishing contracts, managed major recording artists, optioned literary works for film and stage, managed worldwide concert tours, negotiated licenses for feature films, television and merchandising, and administered relationships with major talent agencies.

Bob began his career as a performer while in college at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He was a member of a trio called The Good Earth and when he and his bandmates graduated they headed straight to New York where a recording contract awaited them with the DynoVoice label. DynoVoice released several recordings of The Good Earth including How Deep Is The Ocean, I Can See A Light, A Funny Thing Happened (Anytime), Must I Really Go Through This Again, There's More Than One Road To Philadelphia and others.

$12 in advance
$15 at the door
$6 students