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MINOS THE SAINT New Orleans Eclectic, Fri 7/19, 8pm, $10/12

Minos the Saint is an eclectic group with jazz roots who play original music, all written by their singer. Minos the Saint is not what you would call a “traditional” southern Louisiana band: they play mostly original music, with a variety of influences yielding experimental-yet-accessible original folk rock, uniquely representing Louisiana and the world. Cajun and Zydeco roots are joined by Latin, Jazz, and Eastern European styles, on top of the orchestral core from which each member was trained. They may be one of the only -- if not THE only -- bands sporting a... French Horn?

Founded in 2013, Minos the Saint has continually grown in size and musical shapes. Like the accordion of founding member, Ben Herrington, the band can expand and contract based on the needs of a venue. Start with voice, guitar, and piano, and can expand to add drums, drums, violin, mandolin, accordion, and brass section. Many people compare their music to that of Paul Simon, but like Paul Simon, they have quite a variable sound.

$10 in advance
$12 at the door