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Life Like Water-contemporary folk Aug 30 8pm $10/$12

Life Like Water      Fri Aug 30  8pm   $10 advance $12 door

$ 10 advance
$ 12 door

Life Like Water

Band Members:  David Matters, Megan Drollinger, Charles Furtado

A contemporary folk trio that attempts to harness traditional sounds from around the world. The variety of styles that can be found within this project can make it hard to pin down but so easy to love!

Life Like Water is the brainchild of David Matters and is a musical response to a radical shift in awareness.
After many years of creating music through various projects (most notably the newgrass band, Gipsy Moon) as well as a number of genre shifts, his focus has narrowed and his vision has broadened.

Together, with his bandmates Megan Drollinger and Charles Furtado, Life Like Water has developed a sound that straddles the edges of contemporary folk and traditional music from around the world.

This music contains elements to fit almost anyone's taste. You can dance, groove, bob your head, space out, tune in, relax, get excited, and possibly even shed a tear to it.